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I want to touch their souls with art and encourage the love of the individual viewer. The pictures should bring joy into our lives and that we have the courage to live our dreams. 

Dreams were an important element in Giovanni's art, so one of his most important works is called "The Dream" - in the sense of when we look at a picture we don't have to daydream anymore because we are automatically in the picture dream.









Art is the reflection of our soul - it tells us thousands of stories and that entirely without words

Every work of art tells its very own story. But not only each work, but also the artist behind it influences the feeling that is conveyed to the viewer through his art. The emotion that the artist feels at the moment when he makes his work, his past, his origins, his memories and experiences - all this combines in a play of colors, light and shadow to create a unique work of art.


Giovanni Pietro Fischer, a (still) unknown artist from Winterthur, once showed me his collection of slides, which touched me profoundly at the first sight. It was the year 2008, when I was working in an import store and Giovanni came sporadically for a visit. We always had exciting conversations, very different from ordinary everyday conversations.


Giovanni was a thoughtful person who didn't just let things pass him by. He had a sense of detail, and not just in conversations. I would say Giovanni was a born philosopher who had a hard time putting all his profound thoughts into words. Therefore, he put them on paper. It was his very own way of communicating with the world.


One day Giovanni invited me to his home to show me all his slides. When I saw them for the first time, I was speechless. I just couldn’t forget about them. I felt a deep relationship to them, as if they wanted to tell me something.


Before Giovanni could bring his artworks to the public, he passed away. His personal story and the relationship with his artworks, we will probably never know. Before his death, Giovanni gave me his collections, with the only request to "make something out of it". I myself knew Giovanni only very little, but I sensed the specialness in his artworks, which is why I took on this task.


Years passed and as life goes its way, I had already completely forgotten about the slide collections. After almost 15 years, due to the current Corona pandemic, I was cleaning out my basement and suddenly - Giovanni's image collections fell into my hands. A warm, profound feeling immediately spread under my breastbone. The same feeling I felt exactly 15 years ago when I held Giovanni's pictures in my hands for the first time.


It was like a message that Giovanni was sending me once again. I immediately heard his voice in my head: "Please, make something of it". I let a few days pass, but I just couldn't get Giovanni's voice out of my head. It was as if fate was giving me a hint.


So I decided to go down to the basement again and look at Giovanni's collections of pictures. I was now sure that if Giovanni couldn't tell his story himself, I would have to do it for him.


So I would say that it is not the end of the story of Giovanni's artwork, but it is just the beginning. Because that is exactly what is fascinating about art - it has no temporal end, it lives on in the eyes of the viewer.



I put on my own hand, modeled and reworked the works and now offer them as Crypto Art. I now let my story flow into Giovanni's artworks and want to give people exactly this feeling, as I felt through Giovanni's paintings when I saw them for the first time. I want Giovanni's art to live on, through me, my story and the story of all the viewers of his paintings. I want Giovanni's art to live on, through me and through my story and that of everyone who sees his paintings. So I created the artist "Tom Haespi" from my nickname and Giovanni's.


Art is more than just an interplay of different colors and shapes. Art is the reflection of our soul - it tells us thousands of stories and that entirely without words. Every human being is basically an artist. Therefore, looking at a work of art is no longer just about the story of the artist. It is about the viewer defining himself through a picture and finding himself and his own story in it. Building a relationship with a painting, feeling trust, receiving hope, and the love that warms you a little more with each subsequent viewing.


Giovanni's collections have shown me that there is no standard for art, art is freedom and goes beyond the metaphysical level. It is what connects us all without ever having spoken a word to each other. All our unique stories can be reflected in just one and the same image.


So this is my vision: to bring other people's stories to life through my and Giovanni's art. 

Statements Giovanni


"Die Liebe ist das Wichtigste im Leben - das muss gefördert werden" sagte er einmal.


Meine Kunst ist für alle da.

The Dreams

"Ich mache keine Kunst für Kritiker und Museen. Ich zeichne wie ich mich fühle, sagte er einmal.

If you have more Information from Giovanni ? - contact my please - i have interest of all details.
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