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Tom Haespi Art

If the NFT does not appear on the Opensea platform, I will show it here again. I spent several hours uploading my NFT, technical problems and unavailability of support meant that I still present my NFT here: Of course I will do the upload again when the system is working properly again. If you look at the Opensea account you will see that I have already uploaded a few dozen NFTs - it is clear that if it is important it will not work - the collection and upload have been paid for - the receipt is attached. thank you for understanding.

Extra Collection for Arab Bank:

Normal Collection:

Subliminal journey breakthrough into the inner space tom haespi art2.gif

Subliminal journey: breakthrough into the inner space

In a deep blue night sky shot through with soft violet tones, surreal trees rise, their branches intertwining like swirling lines.

The landscape from which they rise is barely recognizable, blurred into a sea of abstract shapes and colors.

Only a narrow path that winds through the scenery seems to offer orientation in this dreamlike labyrinth.


The picture invites the viewer to go on a journey into the depths of their own inner being.

The subliminal messages hidden in the squiggly lines and bright colors appeal to the unconscious psyche and stimulate the imagination.


The breakthrough into inner space, which is suggested in the title of the picture, can be understood as a metaphor for self-knowledge and the development of one's own potential.


The use of analog and digital tools underlines the innovative and future-oriented orientation of the work.

In "Subliminal Journey: Breakthrough into the Inner Space" tradition and modernity, analog and digital merge into a unique work of art that transcends the boundaries of the real and imaginary.

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