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Girl in the Dark: Empowering Women Through Art - This captivating artwork, titled "Girl in the Dark," showcases a mysterious scene that delves into the depths of human emotion. At its center, a woman with piercing blue eyes gazes outward with an introspective and enigmatic expression. Renowned artist Tom Haespi masterfully captures her image, evoking a sense of depth and intensity. Surrounding her, various elements contribute to the composition's fascination. In the lower part of the painting, a vibrant and delicate flower emerges, bathed in ethereal blue light. The contrast between the flower's vitality and the darker background emphasizes its beauty and demands attention. - Discover 'Girl in the Dark,' a compelling artwork by Tom Haespi that portrays the strength and beauty of women through a mysterious and thought-provoking scene featuring a woman with piercing blue eyes and a vibrant, delicate flower. Explore 'Girl in the Dark,' a remarkable artwork by Tom Haespi that delves into the complexities of human emotion and empowers women. This captivating painting captures a woman's introspective gaze and the beauty of a delicate flower amidst ethereal blue light. Tom Haespi's work is a powerful call to action, advocating for women's rights and equality in society. Join the dialogue and stand up for justice, strength, and beauty in women's lives.

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Surreal tree artwork by Tom Haespi, a digital art freelancer from Zurich. The majestic tree with intricately detailed branches reaches toward a radiant sun. Embrace the soul's journey and explore the depths of nature and inspiration through this captivating creation. Explore a captivating artwork by Tom Haespi, a digital art freelancer from Zurich, showcasing a surreal tree at its core. This masterfully painted tree extends its branches towards a radiant sun in the background. Tom Haespi, born in 1975 in Zurich, is a talented artist hailing from the heart of Europe. With a background in civil and craft training, coupled with a federal diploma, Tom has been freelancing on various creative projects since the late 1990s. Currently residing on the outskirts of a nature reserve, Tom draws inspiration from the natural world to infuse vitality into his work. Tom Haespi's art reflects his ability to transform dreams, personal experiences, and the wonders of nature into thought-provoking visuals that touch the soul. His creations, characterized by their readability and inspirational essence, are a testament to his deep connection with nature, landscapes, symbols, and the feminine perspective. Tom's work also pays tribute to his master and mentor, whose influence continues to resonate in his art.  This artwork is a celebration of the soul and its untapped potential, inviting viewers to nurture their inner selves and embrace limitless freedom. Tom Haespi's creations encourage introspection, broadening horizons, and acquiring new knowledge to lead a fulfilling life. Embrace the details, appreciate them with love, and refrain from judgment. Let this artwork be a catalyst, an urging, and a spark to explore life's possibilities, to gaze into the future, and to maximize your own potential.


Tom Haespi (Zurich, 1975) is a digital art freelancer from the middle of Europe.

Tom grew up in the east of Switzerland and completed a civil, craft training with further education and a federal diploma. He has been working as a freelancer in various projects and engagements since the late 1990s. Today he lives with his family on the edge of a nature reserve which provides motivation, strength and energy for his work.

Tom loves to let his thoughts and feelings flow in his head, to create and realize possibilities, ideas and dreams.


Tom knows with his abilities that the ideas and the key are from dreams, his own flow, nature and inspiration through manipulation which enables close observation and keen attention to see the details from a different perspective, the world and its secrets to look at it with different eyes and thereby to touch the soul. Easily readable, understandable and yet inspiring pictures are created, which are made for friends. The nature, landscapes, symbols and the female gender are the topics with which Tom deals. Always in memory and with awe of creation, nature and its laws and of his master and mentor who unfortunately died too early.


The intention is on the one hand to stimulate and pamper our most important ally, our soul. It is the control center and enables undreamt-of possibilities. Maintaining them is important and the essence of the intent of the work. The aim is to let the soul shine happily and to achieve unlimited freedom. To glow instead of wither. On the other hand, it is about the foresight, looking beyond, broadening the horizon and gaining new knowledge that enables a life as a person.

Recognize and appreciate the detail with love and without judging it. It should be an impetus, an appeal, an impulse for one's own life, to look into the distance, to make more of oneself and one's abilities.




Tom Haespi

The ideas and the key to the pictures come from dreams, the flow, attentive observation and the sound of nature.

Tom's universe is also a sensory interpretation of how he feels as a person and citizen of this world. A pinch of sharp criticism and irony of morality, condemnation, the state, politics or the belief and pressure of society flow into the work.



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"It is my passion to bring rooms to life through images, shapes, colors, sculptures and accessories and to design them in a unique way in order to make the rooms and buildings look their best and to reflect the personality of the residents. So that you feel comfortable!